Megan Fox Makes a Fashion Comeback Shortly After Her Instagram Return. (QP)

Being a celebrity is a dream come true for many, but there are definitely downsides to notoriety. Namely the way that one’s personal issue becomes a public manner. Megan Fox likely knows this all too well, as she’s made countless headlines recently related to her rocky relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. After clearing her social media and being inactive for a number of months, she’s since returned. Now her fans can rejoice, as Fox is back in the fashion game just weeks after returning to Instagram.

The public first became aware of the celebrity couple’s relationship woes when Megan Fox deleted their pH๏τos together during Super Bowl weekend. Aside from Fox shutting infidelity down rumors on Instagram (and then deleting it), she spent years off of social media altogether. But that’s changed recently, thanks to new Fox’s posts promoting Diablo IV and Expendables 4. She’s also returned to Instagram Stories, and is bringing the fashion game back to her page. Case in point: an image she shared midway through a fitting. Check it out below:

And just like that, Fox is bringing her strong sense of fashion back to social media. Prior to the drama between her and MGK, she was known for sharing wild looks on Instagram. So this feels like a return to form, one that her whopping 21.2 followers will likely be psyched about.

This IG story post is just the latest example of how the Jennifer’s Body actress has returned to social media in the last few weeks. Megan Fox also clapped back at someone who criticized the way she dressed her kids, which has since become a legal situation. On the lighter side, Fox also posted some steamy ʙικιɴι pics, which like her classic programming. She’s once again using her platform, and smart money says that plenty of people are going to be tuning in. With the fitting pH๏τo, she also included a close-up. Check it out:

As always, Megan Fox is looking absolutely stunning. Although it’s her personal life that followers are seemingly the most curious about. Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have reportedly been going through extensive therapy, as the celebrity couple works out whatever is ailing their relationship. Prior to things going south the pair were engaged, although Fox hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring during public appearances.

Professionally, Fox has been keeping busy. She recently appeared alongside Martha Stewart on the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and is also hyping up the forthcoming release of The Expendables 4 on September 22nd. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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