Magical story: The brave horse miraculously saved the little dog from drowning.

One hot summer day, a little dog named Max got caught up in the river water and was punching himself to debauchery. Max tried to struggle and bark, but no one heard or came to help.

While Max was struggling with drowning, a large black horse named Thunder saw the dog’s predicament. Thunder knows that without intervention, Max will drown. A feeling of surprise overwhelmed Thunder, and it decided to act.

Thunder plunged into the water and unleashed all its might. With powerful thrusts, Thunder pushed Max out of the danger zone and brought the dog ashore. Max, still scared and tired, was rescued and thanked Thunder with joyful barks.

Since then, Max and Thunder have become close friends. Max is grateful to Thunder for saving him from death and becoming a trusted friend. They always go everywhere together, share happy moments and become inseparable friends.


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