Madison Beer: Delighted to show off her curves in a hot bikini.(QP)

Madison Beer has a gifted voice, but on Tuesday, the New York native has proven she has an eye-popping figure as well. The 19-year-old singer, who was once Justin Bieber’s protégé, was seen flaunting her curves while strolling on Miami Beach.

The brunette bombshell is most likely celebrating the success of her latest music release, the single “Hurts Like Hell,” which features 26-year-old Offset and Cardi B. The music video for the song was released on November 9th.

Madison Beer is known for her slim physique, with toned arms and legs. She was spotted wearing a pink bikini with spots on a white background. The bikini had a sweet coat on the front, and the bottoms had slim straps. She accessorized with rhinestone earrings, a name necklace, two Cartier Love bracelets, and a sports watch.

She was also seen wearing black sunglasses, which had a retro 1980s look. However, opinions on the sunglasses may vary. After emerging from the water, she slicked back her drenched hair.

Madison Beer rose to fame through YouTube, where she started posting her ideas and covers of hit songs in early 2012. She caught Justin Bieber’s attention with her covers and eventually gained recognition for her own music. She is now ready for her Sports Illustrated cover.

In the music video for her revenge anthem, released on Wednesday, Madison Beer is seen nude in several frames, portraying an aspiring witch wreaking havoc. The video starts with Madison in a bathtub, wearing dark eyeliner. Candles are lit around her, and an old TV screen shows a couple engaged in a fight.

As the video progresses, Madison Beer becomes angry and touches her cheek, thinking it was just a blow. She is mistreated and tied to a bed, while wearing a white wedding dress. She eventually breaks free and holds a knife while singing, “I hope it doesn’t hurt like that. You should never let me go. I know I’m messing up your mind. The devil is not you or me.”

The video ends with Madison Beer being captured by witch hunters and sentenced to death.

Overall, Madison Beer continues to make waves in the music industry with her talent and striking visuals.

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