Loyal dog who does not stop crying at his owner’s funeral touches the hearts of the onlookers

Maybe some people remember Buboy from the Philippines. who is an honest stray can sit and wait to see his best friend every day.But sadly now we have to tell everyone that Now it’s Buboy’s turn to go to heaven to follow his best friend. For those of you who don’t know Buboy or don’t remember the plot. This dog is a stray dog at Mabalacat City College. And it has a close friend, Carmelito Marcelo, who used to teach at this university. And he is very close to the dog. Buboy always met Marcelo in front of the classroom when he finished teaching. But when the teacher suddenly passed away The unnamed dog waited for him for weeks. Until the students saw him pity him and couldn’t stand it. She carried her to Marcelo’s funeral to report it. tells her that her best friend has passed away.

After he knew the Dog stopped waiting in front of the classroom. to lie down and look at his best friend’s body in front of his coffin instead. His honesty made the dog famous. And began to be discussed in the community of netizens who love animals. After Marcelo’s funeral, Buboy continued to live on campus. With students and volunteers from an animal rescue group feeding and caring for it. But on June 12, 2019, animal rescue group Animal Kingdom Foundation posted to tell followers that.

“AFK (Animal Kingdom Foundation) offers its deepest condolences on the tragedy. That happened to the loyal dog Buboy who had to leave early. Initial reports said the dog was run over by a car this morning. When the volunteers in charge of it heard the news, he rushed to find it even on vacation. But when they got there, they found only his lifeless body.” Although it’s sad that Buboy has to die early from this world. But at least now the dog must have found his master Marcelo in heaven waiting for him. I hope it goes too.

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