Loyal and devoted Pitbull dog hugs his owner to sleep every night

Scarlett’s mum, Jennifer Geiger, said: “The first time my daughter met Lebowski she was four and the pitbull was 10 weeks.”

“She loves Lebowski’s cute face and loves everything about this little puppy. I can say that they were close at first sight.”

Since then, Lebowski has followed Scarlett everywhere, copying her. He likes to play dress up with her. Attend a tea party with her. and watched her do her homework.

But Lebowski’s favorite activity with her little sister was naps… She’d curled up next to Scarlett from day one into the house. And the couple often fell asleep on the couch together countless times.

By the time Lebowski was 8 months old, it started to disappear during the night. and did not see it in his own bed and I couldn’t find it either,” said the mother.

But eventually, Mom found out that Lebowski was hiding under Scarlett’s bed like a monster.

Until one night, Jennifer opened the door to her daughter’s room. Scarlett found Pitbull lying next to him and the two of them snoring together. and since then He went to sleep with her every night.

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