Lion and white tiger together escape from the zoo to build a happy nest.(QP)

Life has been a challenging journey for the two magnificent creatures, Cameron and Zabu, who were originally bred at a zoo in New England with the sole purpose of creating ligers.

During their time at the zoo, Cameron struggled with being 200 pounds underweight, while Zabu carried genetic flaws resulting from intensive breeding practices. However, fortune smiled upon them as they were both eventually rescued, offering a glimmer of hope in their lives.

Upon their rescue, a team of dedicated caretakers came together to build a spacious, natural enclosure that would serve as a shared haven for Zabu and Cameron. Recognizing the profound bond they shared as a couple, it was crucial to provide them with an environment where they could thrive together.


Transferred to a new sanctuary, Cameron and Zabu found solace in each other’s presence. However, as time went by, a worrisome pattern emerged. Cameron’s possessiveness towards Zabu escalated, posing a potential threat to their caretakers.

Faced with a difficult decision, the sanctuary had to choose between permanently separating Cameron from Zabu or opting for a medical intervention to address his behavior. Ultimately, they decided to proceed with neutering Cameron. While this procedure resulted in the loss of his majestic mane, it was a small sacrifice to ensure he could continue his life alongside his true love, Zabu.

Now, in their shared sanctuary, Cameron and Zabu revel in the joy of each other’s companionship. They chase one another, engage in playful puzzles, and peacefully nap side by side. It is a testament to their enduring bond and the resilient spirit that has carried them through adversity.

Their story serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength found in the most unexpected of places. Cameron and Zabu inspire us with their unwavering love and their ability to find happiness despite the challenges they’ve faced. In their shared enclosure, they have found not only sanctuary but also a place where their extraordinary connection can flourish for years to come.

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