Liger: the ‘world’s biggest’ cat breed is a cross between a lion and a tiger (QP)

Apollo, the world’s largest cat, is a remarkable creature. A hybrid of a lion and a tiger, he weighs an astounding 319 kgs and possesses incredible speed, capable of reaching 40 miles per hour in just a few strides. Recently, a captivating video was shared by Mike Holston, known as The Real Tarzann, featuring Apollo taking a leisurely stroll alongside wildlife conservationist Kody Antle in the scenic surroundings of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Apollo’s sheer power and potential as a predator leave Mike in awe. He envisions Apollo as a voracious eater, capable of devouring anything within sight, even considering the possibility of him taking down a herd of elephants for a mere snack. Mike vividly describes Apollo’s physical attributes, highlighting his teeth, which are as substantial as his own middle finger, a tongue that matches the length of his forearm, and lungs that could potentially be as voluminous as his torso. To put Apollo’s sheer size into perspective, his neck alone is too immense for either man to encircle with their arms.

Ligers, like Apollo, predominantly reside in zoos and claim the title of the world’s largest big cats. Weighing up to a staggering 360 kgs, they surpass the weight of both lions and tigers by almost twofold. These magnificent creatures can stretch up to 12 feet in length and stand proudly at a height exceeding six feet.

Apollo’s awe-inspiring appearance often draws comparisons to the extinct saber-tooth tiger, which vanished from the Earth’s surface approximately 42,000 years ago. Contemplating this resemblance evokes curiosity about the potential existence of other colossal feline species yet to be discovered, perhaps similar to the beloved, furry mammoths of the past.

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