Let’s celebrate the 100th birthday of the World’s Most Loyal Dog Hachiko!

Perhaps everyone knows the loyal dog Hachiko with a touching story over the past century. Only 1 week left until his 96th birthday. 

Introduction to the story of Hachiko

According to wikipedia , Hachiko is a small white dog, born on November 10, 1923 in Akita – Japan. Just like so many other dogs here. Hachiko was raised and raised normally.

One day, he lost his owner and was adopted by Professor Ueno of Tokyo University and the touching story begins here.

Hachiko the dog. Collect

Every day when his master went to work, Hachiko saw the professor off to Shibuya station to go to work. Every afternoon, this dog continues to go to the train station to pick up his owner. The story begins on May 12, professor Ueno passed away from a stroke in the university lecture hall.

That day, like any other normal day, the dog ran to the train station to pick up his owner, but he did not return. It was late at night, but Hachiko continued to patiently wait for the professor to return.

As the days went by, Hachiko continued to wait for his owner to return at 3pm in vain. Not long after, people began to notice Hachiko’s presence at the train station. Everyone takes turns to feed the dog, from the professor’s gardener to the station manager who come to take care of this dog.

Hachiko’s touching story of loyalty spreads throughout Japan. More and more people are coming to Shibuya to see this loyal dog. Everyone fed Hachiko, some patted his head and stroked him.

Hachiko – loyal dog

After 7 years of waiting, a student of Professor Ueno wrote an article about this story to a major newspaper in Tokyo. Immediately, this dog became interested, the number 1 topic discussed in the country of the Rising Sun. The same word that the Japanese added to their dictionary the word chukhen – faithful little dog.

Years passed, the dog continued to patiently wait for its owner at 3pm. Despite being very ill and already too old. Finally, what is to come has come. Loyal dog Hachiko passed away on March 8, 1935. 11 years after the professor died. In his last moments, the dog was surrounded by the whole professor’s family to show mercy and gratitude for loyalty.

Hachiko the dog’s death date. Collect

Immediately many newspapers in Japan published articles about the dog Hachiko, even spending a whole day in memory of his mourning. A statue of the dog Hachiko was also erected and placed in the station. The statue was made by sculptor Ando Teru with the contributions of the people of Japan.

Location of Hachiko dog statue. Collect

New statue of Hachiko at the station. Collect

In addition to this building, there are many other works made in memory of the dog Hachiko. Like the statue in his hometown, at the Akia dog museum, the National science museum in Ueno.

Hachiko memorial works in Japan. Collect
Hachiko statue with Professor Ueno playing. Collect
Manhole cover printed with Hachiko. Collect

In addition, the story of Hachiko was also made into a famous movie by Hollywood, Hachi: A dog’s tale

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