Learn how to wear grey well! Tips help you ‘make up lemongrass clothes’, trendy all year round. (QP)

If you want to ‘give up’ with ʜᴏᴛ trend gray outfits, remember to save the following 7 color schemes to ‘add points’ elegant and stylish for your outfit.Not only selected by Pantone as the color of the year, gray is also considered the most “luxurious” color in the wardrobe of fashionistas. So, in addition to shopping for a few suitable items, you should remember to ‘fall in love’ with all 7 recipes below to own an outfit that is both beautiful and stylish.

1. Gray + gray
Mixing gray clothes with gray or wearing “ton-sur-ton” is a simple, safe but difficult to go out-of-fashion way and brings the strongest visual effect. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking, mixing & matching and still have a “standard” and trendy outfit, you must immediately add this recipe to your beauty guide.

With this arrangement, we do not necessarily have to wear a “full set” of gray but can use additional accessories such as belts ,shoes, bags … with other colors to create accents. Patterned clothes are also recommended to be used to “eat” stylish and new.

2. Gray + black

If you want to find a formula that is more flexible than the gray-grey pair, which is difficult to make mistakes, girls should refer to the gray-black formula. This combination can easily impress thanks to the appearance that is both “flattering” to the eyes, trendy and modern with a bit of classic. Most importantly, they are also suitable for many styles, personality, stylish or elegant, gentle, sweet can be “developed”, so you can rest assured to choose.

3. Gray + white color

Similar to black, white is also one of the colors that can be combined “extremely hot” with gray-tone outfits, even “plus points” for stylish outfits. So, if you want to “dress up” gently but still be eye-catching and fashionable, remember to immediately save this suggestion.

The gray-white 2-tone set has the advantage of creating a feeling of simplicity and sweetness and does not require complicated mixing skills. They are also considered to be one of the most versatile color pairs, suitable for many styles and situations. Therefore, whether you need a comfortable, active outfit or elegant, formal, this color scheme can still meet well.

4. Gray + green

In addition to the classic outfit color schemes, fashion-loving girls should also “pin” themselves some ideas for mixing things that are new, trendy and less “touchy”. For example, this pair of gray – green is fresh, stylish and quite fancy.

Although it can help you have a “fashionable” look, a green outfit is a bit more “hard to please”. So, if you are not really sure about the arrangement, it is better to start from a gentle blue color like pastel blue. Items with elaborate designs or complex motifs should also be used sparingly to avoid mistakes.

5. Gray + blue

Blue (blue) – gray outfits are not only particularly “flattering”, trendy, “photogenic” but also help us “hack” our youthfulness and freshness easily. Compared to the gray – black or gray – white set, they also create a much softer and softer feel, so you should remember to take advantage to have a very flexible style.

Basically, the combination of gray and blue outfits is very easy to apply, does not take time and is not “picky” in style, so you can freely change. However, prioritize the “easy” green tones as well as pay attention to the darkness of the overall set to get the best look.

6. Gray + yellow + red

For true fashionistas, it is quite common to use more than 2 tones for an outfit. This way not only easily impresses or helps you to show your “genuine” dressing taste, personality, but also contributes to upgrading the style of even the simplest items. So, boldly experience to wear “standard” gray tones like a fashionista.

7. Gray + black + silver color

The familiar gray-black set of clothes will become “lemon and lemongrass” and more eye-catching if you combine them with silver-colored items or accessories. In addition to creating accents or highlights for the overall outfit, this formula is especially suitable for both everyday style and formal occasions. Therefore, do not hesitate to save if you want to own a beautiful set of clothes, both trendy and versatile.


If you know how to coordinate, gray clothes will no longer be boring and rigid as we often think. So, besides buying yourself a few “standard” items of the year’s color trend, you should remember to “pin” the 7 color schemes above to “wear wherever”.

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