It’s surprising that a newborn weighing 13kg makes many people not believe in the truth

A baby delivered in India broke global weight records at a staggering 13 kilograms, initially sparking skepticism due to disbelief in its authenticity.

Natashia Corrigan, an Australian mom, received news during her ultrasound that she should expect a larger baby. Little did she know what was in store for her fourth child.

At 40 weeks and five days into her pregnancy, Natashia and her partner, Brian Liddle, welcomed their son, Baby Brian Jr., who measured 57 centimeters long and weighed a remarkable 6.06 kilograms.

What makes this birth even more extraordinary is that Natashia had a natural delivery without general anesthesia or an epidural. She relied on “laughing gas” for pain relief throughout the labor.

Baby Brian Jr.’s weight makes him the heaviest baby ever born naturally at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Australia and one of the largest babies born in the country.

Natashia expressed her gratitude towards Brian and her sister for their support during the birthing process. She mentioned the challenges of delivering a baby of such size and the need for extra staff to assist.


Although Brian admitted feeling a bit scared during the birth, both mom and baby are doing well. Natashia still finds it hard to believe the experience, particularly because of the natural delivery and her reliance on gas for pain relief.

When asked for advice to other expectant mothers aiming for a natural birth, Natashia emphasized the power of positive thinking, remaining positive, and practicing deep breathing.

Natashia’s remarkable experience of delivering Australia’s heaviest baby naturally showcases the strength and resilience of mothers. It serves as an inspiring example for expectant mothers, reminding them of the importance of positive mindset and deep breathing during childbirth.

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