It’s amazing when the dog “Puρρy” is asked to help his father propose to his girlfriend

On a fairly warm day, Mark and his girlfriend drove to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for a walk along the beach. Mark actually planned to propose to his girlfriend Ashley Whiting that day, with Ghost playing a key role in the quest.

Whiting said: “Mark was helped by my sister and his sister. in preparing various plans with about 25 of our friends, our family Including 96 years old lady watched this proposal. But at first Whiting was oblivious to these conspiracies. and friends and family watching from afar. so as not to let the girl see.

As the couple walked on the beach, at one point Mark whistled and the family watching let the Ghost out to find them. On the dog’s neck was a piece of paper with the words “Mom, will I marry Dad?”
According to the plan, Ghost had to run to his parents. and sat down next to them. But Mark had forgotten that Pug was very active and couldn’t sit still. It runs like crazy.

When this happens, Mark tries to catch Ghost so he can sit next to him, as the important message he wants his girlfriend to know is on his collar. But because there are many birds flying around The dog can’t control himself. and try to run and catch the birds happily. Meanwhile, Whites did not know. She only cares about her boyfriend trying to catch Ghost… Seeing that the dog wouldn’t sit still, Mark decided to shake his girlfriend’s hand. and knelt on one knee then asked her to marry.In this romantic atmosphere, Ghost still chases the birds. not paying attention to parents Even when it doesn’t go as planned But the innocence of the dog makes everyone laugh happily.

Of course, all these missions The family hides taking pictures in every shot. And the picture that appears is just the Ghost of a Bird. While dad knelt down begging mom to marry.


“Having Ghosts in our lives is one of the best things we can do,” says Whiting. It gives us a lot of love. But it was also chaotic.” A few months later The couple planned the wedding, with the Ghost being the centerpiece of the ceremony. despite knowing that it might cause chaos again

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