interesting, Bull Terrier dog Sparky is so lazy that he does not want to walk but lies on his stomach (video)

If there is a sample of dog laziness anywhere, it is the way of life of Sparky the bull terrier. He lives in Brazil with his owner, Salvana Silvio Parise. And the owner long ago agreed with the stubbornness of the dog. You can’t force a dog to do anything. No training helps! The pit bull is even too lazy to walk, let alone run, race!

In any public place, Sparky comes in this way.

We clarify: he is completely healthy. Any dog ​​will envy his well-being. Unlike other sloths, the pit bull did not swim with fat.

The reason lies in the fact that the dog is an excessive lazy person. In addition, without measure phlegm. I’m not sure it’s even necessary to fuss.

This has its own plus. For there are no (or almost no) problems due to gnawed shoes in the house, also because of the race for cats and cats.

And the dog is absolutely calm when he is dressed in the funniest costumes. And what? It’s purely for humor and fun.

In general, what normal dog would agree to such a thing?

Of course, there are exceptions. When a dog suddenly wants something, he can run very sharply, rush. For example, over a bowl of food.

Also for the neighbor’s dogs.

But one thing is invariable – measured, calm walks. Isn’t it relaxation, isn’t it time for rest? So, these hours should be spent strictly on your own belly! And not otherwise.

The owner of the bull terrier learned this rule a long time ago. Get used to it. Therefore, he does not even think of resisting his pet.

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