In ALASKA there is a special bus and the passengers are also very special guests. We are very happy for that

Dogs are often seen as badly behaved and spoilt brats but what if they begin to behave exactly like humans – taking a bus and sitting on their assigned seats to reach a particular destination?

It’s just adorable to watch them. Amaru, a 5-year-old awaits the bus each day looking in the direction of where it comes from.

Gary Hisman, his dad said, “He got used to sitting in that spot. He even looks in the direction he knows they’re going to come.” “He’s a very smart guy,” as reported by The Washington Post.

Amaru along with his 40 friends are part of a playgroup that is carried out by Mo Mountain Mutts. They have a local dog walking and training business.

These are conducted by a couple, Mo and Lee Thompson. They have off-leash pack walks thrice a day. But what people on social media enjoy the most is how they pick up their canines on a bus.

Much thought is given to which dog will sit where. Mo said, “Specific areas of the bus are better suited to the dogs.” She added that the senior dogs are given seats closer to the front whereas the rowdier youngsters are given the “licky puppy corner” as they keep licking each other during the journey.

Once the dogs board the bus, they also have a small obedience drill and she gives out treats to the ones who are well-behaved.

Mo and Lee have a huge following on social media, they keep posting bits of their bus rides and walks. Mo said, “I originally started posting on social media for my clients.”

Now, most of the followers love to see how the dogs get onto the bus and sit on their assigned seats. A Tiktok user commented, “I love how excited they are to see each other I would die of excitement to be on that bus ”

Another user wrote, “This warmed my heart in the best way, and when they said hi to they friends I almost cried.”

The couple, Mo and Lee, had never thought of starting a dog-walking company in Alaska. They are from Michigan and had come to Alaska for a summer and they ended up staying. Mo was working as a bartender, server, and hostess at a restaurant and her husband was a special education paraprofessional and also a server at the same restaurant.

He later became an athletic director. It all started with Mo and her co-worker taking each other’s dogs for walking. Slowly, people began to know of Mo’s dog walking services and many wanted to opt for it. “I just started picking up dogs slowly, to the point where I needed to make a second group,” said Mo.

She left her job at the restaurant in 2016. Her husband joined her when he lost his job due to covid in 2021. Their business started growing and Lee took up the Mo Mountain Mutts as his primary job also.

Now, they divide and do their job. Mo does the morning walks and Lee takes care of the afternoon trails. They also provide training, solo walks, socialization lessons, and other services.

For the Thompsons, their work with the dogs seems too good to be true for them and the online following is an added bonus. “It’s the dream,” said Mo. “I can’t believe this is what we do for a living.”

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