In a display of curiosity and compassion, a German Shepherd exhibits tenderness and concern towards a litter of delicate newborn kittens.

A German Shepherd, Rocky, was known for his gentle nature towards his younger siblings. The kind-natured dog lived with his owners Taras and his wife in Costa del Sol, Spain. Recently, the German Shepherd got friendly with a few kittens.

All the dogs and cats that Taras owned were very sociable from an early age since the owner ensured that the pets knew each other from a young age. Thus, they were kind to each other.

One day, when Taras had taken his dogs Bailey, Teddy, and Rocky out for a walk, they found two injured kittens. The 2 kitties were very young and would not have survived if left alone. Hence, the kind man decided to bring them home.

At first, the kind man fed them and called his friends, who had a cat that had recently given birth to young babies. Fortunately, the cat accepted the two injured kitties as her babies.

Before the kitties left for their new home with their mom, Taras decided to post some beautiful moments online with his giant German Shepherd, Rocky. The adorable kittens were kept on a purple towel so that they were warm.

The curious German Shepherd kept staring at them for a while and then came close to the little ones to sniff them. Rocky was trying to find more information about the newborn kittens.

The way he stared at the young kittens proved that he was protective of them and thought of them as his own children. He even tried to touch them but backed off after a while. However, when his owner’s wife picked a baby in her palms, he thought of kissing the baby before letting the newborn go.

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