Ilona Arsentieva: The Ukrainian model has a sexy and seductive style, sweet beauty makes everyone unable to take their eyes off.(QP)

Ilona Arsentieva (28 years old, Ukraine) is famous on social networks with many different roles such as model, actress, blogger and a beauty who has participated in a number of beauty contests. She has a height of 1.70 m, measuring 3 rounds 86-60-90 cm.

The Ukrainian beauty has excellently won the first prize at the Miss Ilite Europe 2022 beauty contest. After the contest, the number of followers on her personal Instagram page has increased rapidly, reaching 200,000 followers.


The Ukrainian model shared that she soon joined in dancing, acting in films and advertisements. The multi-talented, dynamic helps her seize many opportunities to develop in the entertainment industry.


Ilona has a great passion for horseback riding. She shared that since she was a child, she has loved animals and always wished she had her own horse. Currently, she owns a pet horse named Wolfram and has trained it to prepare to participate in several competitions.

In addition to horses, the 28-year-old beauty also has a love for many other species and always fights for animal rights. She once shared on social networks about cases of animals being abused by owners to call for help. “I believe that the law can protect animals, they also have the right to live a normal life.”

Currently, Ilona focuses on her modeling career. She is said to have an attractive aura with green eyes and bouncy blonde hair. On her personal page, she shares many attractive pictures, pursuing a bold style.


In addition to most of the time spent working and building a personal image on social networks, Ilona gives herself a break with many hobbies such as travelling, watching movies, dancing, practicing sports.

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