Horses reply to work emails on giant keyboards in Iceland. (Video) (QP)

Picture this: you send that final email and sign the job. You smile knowing you’ll soon be at the airport eating expensive snacks and taking pictures for your Instagram story. Suddenly, your phone says there’s an email from Debra, a coworker asking who took her pencil. Ouch! Work email can ruin a vacation. Fortunately, Iceland has a very creative solution to this problem.
Do you want professionals trained in corporate buzzwords to handle your work emails while you relax? Iceland knows a solution!
These Icelandic horses will reply to work-related emails on giant keyboards

There is nothing worse than receiving countless emails from your workplace while you are relaxing. According to a study conducted by a collaborator at the University of South Australia, people need at least 1 week off work to relax and be able to reap its benefits.

Time off improves overall physical and mental health. People who take frequent breaks are more productive and happier. So why don’t some colleagues catch that and still email you questions that Google can answer?

Iceland is a beautiful country with breathtaking views and creative ways to handle endless emails

The Icelandic Horse can reply to any work-related emails while you’re exploring. No, it’s not a joke
These Icelandic horses will reply to work-related emails on giant keyboards

You can choose from three very special horses

Litla Stjarna Frá Hvítarholti “types fast but can take a nap”. It’s okay, answering emails is a tedious job

Hekla Frá Þorkellshóli is a friendly horse “trained in corporate buzzwords”. Now that’s an impressive skill to put on a CV. More impressive when you are a horse.

If efficiency and assertiveness are what you need, you should choose Hrímnir Frá Hvammi, who also has “very shiny hair”.

If you have any concerns about how exactly the horses will type those emails, fear not, Iceland has a solution for that too. All horses have a custom horse size keyboard! Isn’t that neat?

However, there is no guarantee of coherence. They are horses

So, if you’re dreaming of a vacation where you can completely relax, consider sending your email while you’re in Iceland. Trained professionals with professional equipment and fast typing keyboard will help you with all your email related problems.

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