Funny moment: a baby seal startled a cute white bear.(QP)


Sweet polar bear cub gets scared of a seal that appeared in front of him.

Bears are one of the cutest animals on the planet. These are tiny fluffy balls that make clumsy movements. They love to play, arrange a mess and fight with their brothers and sisters.

Recently, the crew of BBC filmed a very funny moment. What they saw, they actually did not expect.


As you know, white bears hunt seals. They can passionately wait for their prey on the ice surface of the sea. When the seals appear on the surface of the water every 30 minutes to take a breath, this is the perfect time to attack white bears.

So, in this story, the bear with hope lay on the ice in anticipation of the seal. Her daughter followed her and imitated her. In the future, she will definitely learn to hunt.

But her brother was in a playful mood. The little bear sculpted snowballs and played with them. He did not care about food.

After that, he began to wander around until his mother brought dinner. Then, suddenly, the seal emerged from the water to breathe. The bear was shocked. He was so scared that he fell on his back.

The mother bear was disappointed. On his first hunt, the teddy bear was frightened. Obviously, the baby did not expect such a scene.

When the BBC decided to publish a video, it immediately gained 15 million views.

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