Funny Animals: Baby crocodile rides on hippo thinking it’s a rock.(QP)

Crocodile rock: Baby commando enjoys riding on hippo’s back after mistaking him for a place of ice and snow to rest

This is the hilarious moment a baby alligator mistook a giant hippopotamus for a rock and lay across it to rest.

The cheeky crocodile slithered over the hippocampus wallowiпg and stretched out on its broad back to relax.

New Year’s Eve when the hippopotamus began to move, the young alligator missed the target and located it for about 15 miles before leaving.

However, the big three beast didn’t seem bothered by the creation of a three-legged log that was eпded ᴜprayed on its back. The moment that couldn’t be caught on camera at Krᴜger National Park in South Africa by athlete Richard Millar.

Richard, 21, was the first to release a hippopotamus into the waters where the alligator emerged.

He said: “I came across this hippo in the water, at first there was a hero on its back. Unexpectedly, this little crocodile crawled over beside it and sat on its back.

‘He must have thought it was a rock and the water would have chilled him for a while. They are cold-blooded and want to rest.

“The hippo didn’t seem strong enough to knock the crocodile out. It moved a little, but the alligator was still there for about 15 miles.

‘The hippopotamus and the crocodile are not my rivals in the wild. A hippo might try to bite an alligator, but only if it feels its baby is threatened. ‘It was a complete office that I had to sit in for the rest of my life. I’m pretty worried that I’ll “never get” another picture like that for the rest of my life.”

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