From the moment Daisy entered this world, her faithful husky Millie has been a steadfast companion in her life.

Millie assumes a protective role towards Daisy, and in return, Daisy showers her with love and affection. The moment Daisy lays eyes on Millie, she bursts into fits of giggles and her face lights up with a radiant smile. Despite Millie’s imposing size and fluffy appearance, Daisy shows no signs of fear or intimidation.

Daisy happily welcomes the gentle giant to snuggle up beside her. Whenever Daisy catches a glimpse of Millie, the husky, her excitement reaches new heights! Their affection for each other knows no bounds, and their shared desire for cuddles is evident. Without fail, they drift off to sleep in each other’s comforting presence.

The American Kennel Club reveals that dogs become utterly infatuated with babies and form profound bonds with children they spend considerable time with. This bond is clearly evident in the heartwarming connection between Daisy and her beloved husky, Millie.

They see children as someone they can play with and who will offer them attention.
Having a dog is said to be great for a child. Dogs make babies happy and help raise serotonin and dopamine levels. Growing up with a dog can also help strengthen a baby’s immune system.

Dogs can sense that babies are more fragile. And since dogs are protective of their pack, which in some cases are their humans, they will look after the most [].

Daisy got so comfortable that she took a nice nap with her best bud.

Millie even made sure to protect Daisy in the child’s sleep.

She wrapped her paws around Daisy, so the little girl could feel cozy.

This is just the sweetest thing ever dogs are the most loyal loving animals on the planet and have the biggest hearts and give nothing but totally unconditional love.

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