“Forest in the Rain: The Adventure of Rescuing 19 Abandoned Puppies”

Just two days ago, a tragic scene disturbed many people when a resident accidentally discovered 19 abandoned puppies in the forest, on a day of heavy rain. The cruelty of this action makes many people unable to understand why it could happen.
""Upon receiving the news, the rescue team immediately took action and came to rescue the puppies. The puppies had to go through miserable hours, wet, hungry, shivering, looking for shelter, hugging each other for warmth in the cold rain.
""A situation worth smiling about is that even though abandoned, the puppies still maintain solidarity and love, supporting each other under all difficult circumstances.
""If it weren’t for the discoverer’s courage in harsh weather conditions, perhaps in a few hours, these puppies would not have survived.
""Due to prolonged rain, the road was slippery and the puppies were too tired, so the rescue team temporarily moved them to a drier and safer place. They have mobilized means such as temporary containers to safely transport puppies.
""Arriving at a safe place, the puppies are bathed and provided with food, water, and a warm place. Gradually, the puppies become more alert, more active and look very adorable.
""Currently, the rescue team is waiting for people willing to adopt them so they can have a safe home and not have to suffer anymore.
""This situation once again emphasizes the importance of loving and caring for animals. If you can’t afford to care for them, find a way to get them the best help and care. Don’t leave them to face such unnecessary risks and challenges.

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