Firefighter accidentally saved a puppy twice and decided to adopt the puppy

Upon receiving reports of an apartment on fire in Des Moines, Iowa, the fire brigade rushed to the scene. The City of Des Moines Facebook page reports that during this fire mission, a 16-month-old puppy was interrogated in the home. But thanks to the certainty and quick sensitivity of the firefighters, the dog was saved and given oxygen to recover.

Then an animal inspection team came and checked the dog’s health condition. They said the recovery process would not be simple and would require a hefty fee. Another option is to inject the dog to end the pain. However, the lifeguard decided to adopt the dog and was responsible for all costs related to the treatment.

The dog’s former owner has agreed to let Malcolm adopt and care for him. Malcolm, who saved the dog’s life not once but twice, became a hero. His courage and kindness helped the dog escape danger and find a new home, a place of love and a permanent home for him.

Malcolm’s actions not only save the life of an innocent object, but also bring hope and happiness to a defrauded object that is unsuccessfully dealt with. Thanks to Malcolm, the dog was saved and given the chance to start a new life. This story went viral and became an inspiration to many others, evoking kindness and a willingness to help fellow humans and pets.

Malcolm has shown great heroism and compassion through his actions. We need people like you who are willing to put the interests of people and animals first and contribute to making a world that matters.

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