Fashion style Neymar Jr. – The level of ‘king’.(T)

Not only is the top football star, Neymar is also known as the top gentleman in the fashion field. Good salary, the most expensive player in the world is free to buy luxury branded items. But besides that, he is also considered to be a rare male player with a high-class fashion sense. He is considered a fashion icon in the football village. Few people know that, in addition to the talent of playing football, Neymar also once entered the field of fashion design as a way to try new jobs as well as satisfy his creative passion.

     He is commented to have the same style of dress as any fashionista.

Sharing with GQ magazine, Neymar said: “I like many different styles of fashion. It makes a form of diversity, I think a person with a variety of looks will be very attractive. However, if you choose pants, clothes, I like delicate clothes, so that I can unleash my creativity, I can freely create different looks.”

With his huge fortune, Neymar is free to splurge on expensive branded goods. In the photo, he wears a Louis Vuitton windbreaker and a Dior handbag.

“I use fashion depending on the mood of the day, just like music changes according to my mood. I firmly believe that, given the time and conditions to learn more than even a time advisor. page, I will have some days, some times when I dress in a special fashion, to highlight my look, as a fashion icon, not just a player. , I will be more simple”, the 30-year-old male player once shared.

Or recently, when appearing in Qatar, Neymar attracted attention with his handsome appearance and elegant fashion style.

He is also an expensive model for advertising shows for fashion brands.

He also wore ton-sur-ton with his girlfriend when participating in a festival program. It can be seen that Neymar always knows how to add class to his outfit with accessories.

Regardless of the style, sophisticated or simple, Neymar always attracts attention when appearing.

Striker Neymar is likened to a “chameleon” by the media and fans with a series of hippie costumes, genderless, elegant to dynamic.


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