Experience life through the eyes of a blessed family with four children from the same birth.(QP)

They have a 1 in 70 million chance of conceiving two sets of twins at the same time. However, it happens to them. Sharon and Julian Tuner, parents of beautiful quads, completely changed their lives after the birth of four children. They take the goods a year after giving birth!

The Turners have almost accomplished the unthinkable. They are one of only four couples in the entire world to have given birth to a series of twins, a boy and a girl. Two sons and two daughters are identical. The quadruplets were born 11 weeks early last March, weighing just 2 pounds each. But once they return home, they become stronger and stronger.

With four pairs of big blue eyes, four soft, chubby cheeks and four sets of mischievous smiles, the babies resembled the faces of a diaper advertisement.

Four times a year yields the following statistics:

18 hours a day is devoted to raising 4 children.

30,000 diapers must be changed until the baby is clean.

Every day, five sets of laundry are made to maintain clean clothes.

208 boxes of 900 gram milk are consumed in a year.

Consume 24 boxes of yogurt in a week.

Sharon only slept two hours in a row every night.

But above all, four times the effort, four times the satisfaction…

It took Sharon and Julian four rounds of I.V.F., tens of thousands of pounds and years of suffering before they found happiness with their children.

A year after giving birth, they are (very) tired but happy. Julian Turner admits that he often feels guilty for going back to work while his wife spends the day looking after the children. Luckily, Sharon’s parents moved closer to their home to lend them a hand.

Sharon Turner also explains that being a mother of four at once is a “wonderful and exciting experience,” but also exhausting – far more exhausting than she could have imagined. And despite the exhaustion, the couple still insisted they did not rule out the possibility of having more children. Mr Turner said: “Never say never. They have been a huge blessing in our lives.”


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