Every day, the boy visits and kisses the mother dog’s nest and the puppies every night before going to bed (videos)

When a golden retriever gave birth to a litter of puppies, she was offered a comfortable bed and a place to sleep with her puppies in her very own room!

It was a great place for a mama to raise her puppies, but it was made even sweeter when the family’s young daughter snuck into the room to say goodnight to the dog family.

The moment was caught on camera by the family’s security tape and showed the golden retriever snuggling up to sleep with her puppies.

However, before she could fall asleep, the family’s toddler was there to give the mama dog a sweet kiss on the head and some gentle pets.

The young girl said her goodnight and turned to leave but halfway to the door, she paused and walked back to the dog bed. It seems she just couldn’t walk away without one more goodbye!

She gave the mama a few more pets and a big kiss on the head. It was incredibly sweet!

Some kids aren’t sure how to be gentle to animals or how to interact with them in general, but this toddler knew just what to do.

More kids should be like that!

Watch the adorable video below:

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