Elephant hero : Elephant saves dog from dangerous deep water.

Once there was an energetic elephant named Ananda, who lived in the jungles of Africa. One afternoon, as Ananda was jumping across the green grass lined with trees, he heard a heartbreaking bark. Ananda curiously looked around and discovered a small dog named Milo trapped among the dense weeds by the river.

Milo tries to jump up but is unable to free herself from the dangerous situation. Ananda couldn’t stand still seeing Milo in danger. A feeling of courage and compassion arose in Ananda’s heart. He knew he had to do something to save this puppy.

With her courage and skill, Ananda stepped firmly into the weeds. With a powerful jump, Ananda jumped into the river and swam to Milo. Using her strong and gentle trunk, Ananda held Milo on her back and swam back to safety. People around stood amazed, unable to believe what they were witnessing.


When Milo and Ananda stepped ashore, Milo thanked Ananda with a nod and genuine listening in her eyes. Milo knew that without Ananda’s courage and kindness, he would not have been able to escape this danger. News of Ananda’s heroic action quickly spread in the forest. The animals of the forest gathered and held a ceremony in honor of Ananda.

They recognized Ananda’s kindness and courage, and celebrated him as a hero. Since then, Ananda has become a symbol of courage and kindness in the forest. Those who hear Ananda’s story are inspired to step out and help others around them, regardless of size or species. Ananda and Milo become best friends.


Every day, they explore the world together, bringing joy and well-being to every animal in the forest. With their friendship and kindness, they are living

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