Efforts to overcome difficult physical obstacles: Although the mother dog lost two legs, she has never lacked attentive care for her pups.

The touching story of Si Bao, now known as Lelly, highlights her remarkable strength, courage, and dedication as a mother dog. Abandoned and tragically injured by a passing train, Lelly’s life took a turn when she gave birth to four adorable puppies. Her furry offspring became her driving force, pushing her to overcome numerous challenges.

Becoming a parent transformed Lelly’s outlook on life, and she embraced her role as a mother with unwavering determination. Despite her hind leg injury, she walked on two legs while keeping a watchful eye on her little ones.

Thanks to the support of Animals Asia, Lelly and her family were rescued, and she was chosen to be an animal ambassador. Together with her surviving pup, Muddie, they were moved to the foundation’s base for a fresh start away from the dangers of railway tracks.

Lelly’s journey hasn’t been without heartbreak, as three of her puppies tragically succumbed to severe fever. Nevertheless, she remains a symbol of resilience and hope. The organization is even considering equipping her with wheeled prosthetic legs to improve her mobility.

Despite her small size, Lelly’s spirit remains unyielding in the face of adversity. Living her life as an ambassador for Animals Asia, she relishes the newfound care and love that surround her.

Lelly’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the strength and dedication of mother dogs like her, who fiercely protect and care for their pups even in the most challenging circumstances. Her unwavering courage and determination continue to inspire and touch the hearts of those who encounter her remarkable journey.

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