During an emotional funeral, a dog expresses deep grief as it mourns the loss of its beloved owner, just as we do in tears.

Belinha, an adorable canine, was the constant companion of her owner and confidante Telma Maria for four long years. Unfortunately, their time together was abruptly cut short, but Belinha’s love for her human remains unwavering.

Belinha, a loyal canine companion, stayed by Maria’s side in Brazil until she passed away due to a long-term illness. Despite Maria’s declining health and arduous fight, Belinha remained a source of comfort and support for her.

As per Dionsio Neto’s online statement, his mother Maria mentioned that Belinha was her nurse. He also added that Belinha was an extremely faithful friend.

Considering the importance of Belinha to Maria, it was only natural for her to be present at Belinha’s funeral. Belinha sat quietly among the other relatives, seeming to comprehend the weight of the solemn occasion.

But it was what happened next that deeply touched Maria’s son. To everyone’s surprise, Belinha stayed by Maria’s side until the end of the service, just as she always did when Maria was alive. Neto felt compelled to capture these heartfelt moments on camera and commented, “Animals offer unconditional love.”


As time passes, Belinha’s heart will start to heal as she takes comfort in the fact that Maria is always close by. With a permanent home now with Neto, Belinha can go through the process of grieving without feeling alone.

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