Dogs wait patiently outside a health center for hours, eagerly anticipating the return of their homeless owner, yearning for the reunion of their lost home.

Luiz is a homeless man. He survives on the streets of Cianorte City in Paraná, Brazil, and he has actually been homeless for twenty years. Luiz has been detected with psychological issues, but he declines medical help. He survives on the streets alone, however he is never ever lonesome. He has numerous close friends that accompany him, as well as several of his pals are a canine family who follow Luiz all over he goes.

One night, Luiz suffered a stroke and had to be hurried to the hospital. The dogs went after the ambulance, as well as soon as Luiz was taken inside, 6 pets waited outside the Santa Casa Medical Facility.

The dogs could be heard weeping as well as growling from the entrance. Eventually, they laid on the ground, rejecting to leave.

It was a touching scene for those at the healthcare facility. The dogs patiently waited for Luiz, remaining there for hrs.

After getting dealt with, Luiz left via a various door as well as didn’t see the canines. He was brought to his brother’s residence after getting discharged.

However, the canines were still waiting for him, so one of the volunteers rejoined Luiz with the pet dogs. The canines were so delighted to see Luiz, and it was such a heartfelt moment for everyone.

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