“Dog with Huge Tumor Abandoned on the Street: Desperate Journey Faced with Rejection from 3 Hospitals”

Do you think hope can shine in the darkness? We are the leaders, the ones who are taking you to your destination. Never give up, Yu Han! Just keep going, and we’ll be here to support you. Okay, it’s your turn to make new strides. You will be protected. Everything will be better, believe it.
A group of volunteers received an emergency call about a month ago. They are informed of a young boy wandering alone on the outskirts of the city, apparently lost. Despite the unrest, volunteers quickly arrived to help.
The boy, an abandoned child, does not seem to have any images of his homeland or relatives. However, through tireless efforts, the volunteers learned a little about the boy’s past and worked to find a safe place for him.
The boy, called Yu Han, had to experience many different emotions when he came to the group of volunteers. From initial panic to gradually building trust, each day is a new step in the boy’s journey.

Despite being abandoned and lonely, Yu Han did not give up hope. Thanks to the love and care of those around him, he began to recover from his mental wounds. Volunteers became Yu Han’s guides, helping him find joy and meaning in life.
Even though he still faces many challenges ahead, Yu Han never gives up. With constant patience and hope, the boy is gradually finding his way in life. With the help of his companions, Yu Han believes that the future will be brighter and full of promise.

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