Cute Image Of Newborn Baby with pets.(QP)

Sujata Setia, a London based photographer, has captured the unique art form of newborn photography. Here are some of the beautiful photos from her album of babies snuggling with baby animals.

She creates “lasting impressions of [life’s] most precious moments” with her stunning photographs of babies snuggling peacefully among tiny baby animals.

Each photograph shows the bond between humans and their pets, which range from hatchlings with snoring pups to giggling youngsters with newborn ducklings.

I have always believed that children have a particular bond with their furry companions, and that caring for a pet at an early age instills in them a sense of responsibility.

Similar to adorable photographs of babies resting happily in comfortable cribs. Setia’s photography stands apart from the competition by the inclusion of tiny puppies, kittens, ducklings and other young animals snuggled with smaller animals, as well as the usual sleeping newborn smile that conveys a sense of calm and accomplished photographs that family can appreciate. forever.

As you might guess, getting Setia’s adorable photos requires a bit of effort. “The space in which the photo shoot takes place is warm enough that both the newborn and the fur baby feel like they are covered by a warm blanket… Setia reveals that the adults are drenched in sweat towards the end of the session. There should be several protective hands surrounding the baby and fur baby.

Mustang, Setia’s companion dog, suggested that she add baby animals to her pictures.

After making sure that both the baby and the animal are calm and at peace, Setia must act quickly to get the ideal image. Setia adds, “the instant they are still, the photo must be taken and the session is complete.”


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