Cute dog waiting in front of the store to get free fried chicken every day.(QP)

This adorable golden retriever has mastered the art of scoring free fried chicken, capturing not only the stall owner’s attention but also the hearts of thousands on the internet!

In a series of hilarious photos, the clever canine is seen sitting in front of a fried chicken stall, fixated on the tantalizing pile of freshly-cooked chicken. The images were initially shared by an unknown user and quickly went viral, spreading across the internet like wildfire.

“I saw the dog sitting in front of a fried chicken stall, with its eyes locked onto the delicious treat. It refused to leave and continued to sit there, resembling a seal!” the caption humorously describes.

The adorable dog may have patiently waited for the stall owner to notice its presence and offer a complimentary piece of fried chicken. However, as time passed without receiving its desired treat, the dog’s expression turned sullen, displaying its disappointment.

The photos of the dog’s antics in front of the fried chicken stall captured the internet’s attention, evoking laughter and amusement from many viewers. However, some users raised concerns about the potential health risks of dogs consuming greasy food like fried chicken and sitting in such a posture that could harm their spine.

Nevertheless, this adorable and intelligent dog deserves a round of applause for its determination to obtain some free fried chicken! Its unwavering commitment to the mission of acquiring a delicious treat is truly commendable, making it an endearing and beloved character in the hearts of many.

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