Cute and devoted companion : Disabled girl’s best friend, dog Ted

Meet Chloé, an adorable child with disabilities who is accompanied by a lovely service dog that assists her in carrying out daily activities. Chloé’s life is impacted by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affects her joints and limits her ability to perform various tasks. Additionally, she has a unique heart condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

Ever since she was 13, this young woman has been struggling with certain medical conditions. However, she’s finally found a trustworthy companion in the form of her beloved dog, Ted! The two have been inseparable since Ted was just a pup of five months old, and Chloé has taught him how to assist her with a variety of tasks.

When Ted first saw the girl’s wheelchair, he was scared, but he gradually got used to it and now knows how to help her. As per Bored Panda, the puppy not only shows love to him but also helps him by getting her shoes, bringing him things he needs, and even taking off his socks.

Chloé decided to reach out to a non-profit group when she noticed her cat responding positively to the tasks she assigned. She found help from Dog Assistance In Disability (Dog AID), an organization that trains pets to become qualified assistance dogs for individuals with physical disabilities. When she’s not training her furry pal, Chloé likes to spend time with Ted, her beloved companion, watching the beautiful sunsets in the field.

Ted is thrilled at the prospect of attending coaching school. Being a tennis enthusiast, he’s looking forward to chasing plenty of tennis balls. Chloe cautioned that playing fetch is not recommended as it can be harmful to his joints. Instead, she prefers to hide them in the grass for Ted to search for. Apparently, he absolutely loves it!

The adorable little furry friend has become his ultimate companion, offering comfort and unconditional support during both happy and sad moments. Not only that, but the pup plays a crucial role in aiding him with his day-to-day needs. During a recent hospital visit where he was told he needed tube feeding, the first thing he asked was if his beloved Ted could accompany him. Although the shock on the nurse’s face was visible, she quickly realized how important Ted was to him and agreed to let him come along. Even though he couldn’t fully comprehend what was happening, having Ted by his side gave him the strength to face anything that came his way.

Chloé spent 12 weeks in the hospital, with Ted by her side throughout her stay until she was finally able to leave. She credits Ted’s support for helping her to cope with her situation and overcome it. The medical team at the hospital and those who knew about her condition also provided her with moral and psychological support during her stay.

With the help of an amazing support system, I was able to handle what could have been a complete nightmare. Ted and the people surrounding me played a crucial role in my success and I cannot imagine going through it without them.

Despite the perceived unfairness of having a dog in the hospital, Chloé argues that there are notable benefits to having Ted around. Ted himself much prefers being with his owner than staying at home, and would choose to work alongside her over going for a walk any day. Moreover, having Ted on staff is a significant asset to the hospital, especially given the shortage of nurses. When Chloé needs something, it could take a while for a nurse to attend to her, but Ted is able to expedite the process.

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