“Corn Dog and Favorite Flavors”.(T)

There’s a dog named Bap, a cute little puppy with fluffy fur and bright eyes.

Corn is a dog who loves to eat and always knows how to enjoy delicious food. Corn has many favorite dishes. Whenever he saw his master start preparing a meal, Bap always stood by his side with his ears straightened and his eyes wide and full of anticipation.

One of Bap’s favorite dishes is chicken bones. When he heard the sound of bones in the pot of boiling water, Corn couldn’t contain his excitement. The little dog will run around the owner’s feet, tail swaying to the rhythm of the bones.

Corn always chews chicken bones with passion, everything around the dog seems to disappear for a moment. Besides chicken bones, Bap also likes meats like beef or grilled chicken. Besides meat, Bap also loves sweet desserts. A fresh cookie, a soft marshmallow or a cup of cool ice cream are all dishes that Bap can’t refuse.


Whenever his owner has desserts, Bap will rise from his place and chase, gently asking for a small piece to satisfy the sweetness in his mouth. The Corn Dog is a lovely and very cute friend. With his passion for food,

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