BTS: J-Hope joins Louis Vuitton’s first campaign.(QP)

In this exceptional campaign, the focal point is the iconic Keepall bag from the esteemed fashion house, Louis Vuitton. J-Hope, a member of the popular Korean boy band BTS, takes center stage in his inaugural Louis Vuitton campaign, highlighting the distinctive soft-side Keepall bag that epitomizes the French brand’s style.

Within this captivating campaign, the K-pop sensation showcases his remarkable dance skills while adorned in Louis Vuitton’s impeccably tailored menswear. The ensemble, featuring hues of light gray, slate, and merlot, is flawlessly complemented by the brand’s stylish LV Trainer sport sneakers. The travel bags, prominently featured in the visuals, exhibit the iconic monogram canvas, expertly crafted from sumptuously supple leather, and boast the unmistakable brown and black color scheme that is synonymous with Louis Vuitton.

Having been announced as a Louis Vuitton House ambassador in February, J-Hope’s debut campaign signifies the commencement of a fruitful partnership and hints at forthcoming collaborative projects. Joining the ranks of BTS members who serve as global brand ambassadors, such as RM for Bottega Veneta, Jungkook for Calvin Klein, Suga for Valentino, Jimin for Dior, and V for Celine, J-Hope proudly represents the prestigious Louis Vuitton brand on a global scale.



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