Bruno Fernandes’ fashion style when going down the street. (QP)

It seems like you’re providing a news report or a collection of sentences about Bruno Fernandes, his activities, and his thoughts on Michael Carrick as a manager. Bruno Fernandes, a player for Manchester United, was seen leaving a tanning salon in Wilmslow, Cheshire, attracting media attention. He tried to avoid public attention by pulling his hood up, but the paparazzi still managed to capture moments of the famous football player on the street.

Additionally, there is mention of an advertisement for a new product called the “ruby-collagen booster” in a store called Indigo Sun. Bruno Fernandes was spotted walking past this billboard wearing a trendy Nike Jordan tracksuit and red shoes. He was accompanied by coach Nike Dunk.

Later, Bruno Fernandes and Nike Dunk were seen leaving the store together and riding a black motorcycle. The report also mentions that Bruno Fernandes has scored 10 goals so far in the season and helped Manchester United win the Carabao Cup in February.

Regarding Michael Carrick, the departing Manchester United coach, Bruno Fernandes predicted that he could be a top manager in the future. He praised Carrick’s knowledge of football and believed that he would succeed given the opportunity. Carrick’s recent nomination for the Championship Manager of the Season shortlist further validates Fernandes’ assumption.

The report highlights Carrick’s successful impact as Middlesbrough’s manager, implementing a fluid possession-based system. Fernandes had previously mentioned Carrick’s potential as a top coach, and it seems his prediction is coming true. Carrick’s approach to management has likely been influenced by his former colleagues Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Jose Mourinho, as well as his ex-United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Overall, the sentences provide information about Bruno Fernandes’ activities and his positive views on Michael Carrick’s managerial capabilities.

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