Bringing a homeless dog to the store, the guy decided that he would buy him everything that he touched his muzzle.(QP)

“Is that for me? And all of that?” asked the happy eyes of a dog in the pet store. Today was his special day, and he had come here to bring along anything he liked! Prior to this, the poor fellow had lived 12 years without knowing what love was!

King had spent almost his entire life on the streets. And when a careless driver struck him, the dog was severely injured. Luckily, people took notice of him and brought him to a shelter, where he was handed over to a veterinarian. King underwent a complex surgery: his damaged leg had to be amputated…

Initially, the volunteers hoped that someone would want to adopt the orphaned pup into their home, but everyone overlooked the old dog, not wanting to “take in” an old man. Months went by, and the elderly three-legged dog sat in the shelter, unsure of what would happen…

All the sadness changed when Rocky Kanaka discovered him. The young TV host decided to turn the dog into the hero of the show “Dog’s Day Out” and please the king in every possible way! Together with Rocky, the dog went to the pet supply store so he could choose any product for himself! The young man made the decision not to deny King anything because the old man had suffered and truly deserved this vacation.

The idea was simple: the dog touched anything he liked, and Rocky immediately acquired it without hesitation. So, during the shopping spree, the shopping cart contained a dinosaur toy, a big ball, a gigantic bone, treats, a leash, and even… a complex cat playhouse! By the way, our hero also chose cat food, even though there was dog food nearby! The only thing Rocky didn’t allow King to “have” was a field mouse, although the dog looked at it with great interest.

But the most exciting part of the show was yet to come! It turns out that the guy found a new owner for himself! She became a woman named Crystal, who met King with pure happiness. She rushed to embrace him, unable to contain her emotions! Rocky was indeed surprised to learn that Crystal had never heard of him before, but that didn’t matter too much. The young man was thrilled that now King would no longer be lonely, and his new owner would surely take care of the old dog!

It’s truly wonderful to know that this resilient dog will no longer have to wander the streets and will live at least a few more years in warmth and comfort, filled with happiness!


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