Bella Hadid goes braless for the Alexander Vauthier Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show.(T)

Bella Hadid continued to captivate the audience with her daring fashion choices at the Alexander Vauthier Paris Haute Couture Fall 2017 Fashion Show. Her second look showcased a plunging silver metallic dress that left little to the imagination. The neckline plunged down to her navel, creating a bold and alluring statement. To accentuate her figure, Bella cinched the dress at the waist with a black velvet belt, emphasizing her hourglass silhouette.

The form-fitting dress tantalizingly teased Bella’s toned ab  s, highlighting her dedication to maintaining a fit physique. As the dress descended below the waist, it gracefully showcased her slim and long legs, adding an elegant touch to her overall appearance.

Bella’s style was not only about revealing skin; it was about embracing her femininity and confidence. With each stride she took on the runway, she exuded poise and grace, capturing the attention of the onlookers. Her outfit choices showcased her willingness to push boundaries and embrace bold fashion statements.

In addition to the stunning silver dress, Bella complemented her look with minimalistic accessories. She let the dress speak for itself by opting for a clean and understated approach. Her attention-grabbing attire was paired with a military-inspired beret hat adorned with a large brooch, and statement earrings, adding an element of sophistication to her ensemble.

Overall, Bella Hadid’s appearances at the Alexander Vauthier Paris Haute Couture Fall 2017 Fashion Show were a testament to her confidence and unique style. She fearlessly showcased her curves and revealed just enough skin to leave a lasting impression. Bella’s fashion choices exuded both sensuality and elegance, solidifying her status as a trailblazing model in the fashion industry.

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