Baby Chanco: 7-month-old baby famous for his head full of hair.(QP)

Today, your dose of happiness is coming courtesy of a seven-month-old baby with a next-level head of hair. Meet Baby Chanco, an infant who hasn’t yet lived a full year on this earth but already has 100,000 Instagram followers.

If you spend enough time on the Instagram Explore feed, you may have already seen Baby Chanco, a baby with super luxurious hair. It takes most babies months to start sprouting their first hairs, but Baby Chanco was born in Japan in December 2017 with a full mane. Seven months later, she’s become known for it the world over. And with so many fans on Instagram, if she were to start hawking tear-free shampoo or baby headbands, you can bet half of the world would be lining up to buy it.

We met Chanco thanks to her mom, who began sharing photos of her little hairspiration on Instagram in a “hair diary.” The account instantly went viral, and she’s been delighting the world with glamour shots of Chanco’s mane ever since. As Yahoo! Lifestyle points out, hormones are the deciding factor in whether babies will be born with hair or not. Even babies who are born with hair sometimes lose it after a few weeks, but at this point, that seems unlikely for Baby Chanco, who may grow up to be the Kylie Jenner of hair products.

Whether she’s wearing a bow, rife with bed-head, or posing for her life, this little one is definitely going to make your day.

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