Ayuthia Spectabilis – Ghost Winged Cicada. (QP)

Behold the breathtaking White Ghost Cicada, scientifically known as Ayuthia or the “Milky Cicada”. This extraordinary species of cicada possesses a striking allure with its ethereal white wings and milky-white body. Its majestic presence dominates the landscapes of Southeast Asia, particularly in the verdant realms of Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Deep within the forested realms, the White Ghost Cicada thrives, sustained by its consumption of the luscious sap and plant juices flowing within the trees.

However, what truly sets the White Ghost Cicada apart is its captivating and unmistakable mating call. This acoustic masterpiece resonates through the dense forests, carrying its enchanting melody for an astounding distance of up to 400 meters. It is through this melodic symphony that the males entice and bewitch the females, establishing their authority and asserting dominance over their territories.

Beyond its extraordinary biological traits, the White Ghost Cicada holds profound cultural significance and represents a cherished tradition in Thailand. The arrival of these magnificent creatures signals the advent of the rainy season, a time of renewal and abundance. In numerous regions across the country, this occasion is met with resounding jubilation and celebration, honoring the White Ghost Cicada as a symbol of nature’s grand cycles and the interdependence between humans and their environment.

Recognizing the ecological and cultural importance of the White Ghost Cicada, the Thai government has taken great pride in designating Ayuthia as a protected species. This noble act ensures the preservation of these remarkable creatures for generations to come, safeguarding their presence within the intricate tapestry of Southeast Asian biodiversity and cultural heritage.

In conclusion, the White Ghost Cicada stands as an extraordinary testament to the wonders of the natural world. Its mesmerizing beauty, resounding calls, and cultural significance make it a truly exceptional species. As it graces the Southeast Asian landscapes, this magnificent cicada adds depth and richness to the intricate web of life, embodying the harmonious coexistence of nature and human traditions.

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