Axolotl salamander: “Mexican walking fish!” will steal your heart because of their cuteness.(QP)

Scroll through, cat videos. Step aside, dog meme. It’s time for a new Internet sensation, and it comes in the form of an aquatic, fringed, always surprising looking salamander – the axolotl salamander. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them, just prepare for the next minutes of your life to be filled with cuteness. This collection of pictures of axolotl salamanders will steal your heart faster than you can say “Mexican walking fish!”

Axolotls, or as we just renamed them, underwater laughing plants, are ridiculously adorable. No, they are not aliens. No, they’re not Pokémon either, although their charm level is very close to “I choose you!” status. Their perpetually surprised expressions made it look like they had just realized that they had left the stove on. Combine it with lots of colors to make a box of Crayolas look monochromatic, and it’s no surprise that a wave of cute axolotl pictures can quickly become the “it” thing on the Internet.

And that’s just the tip of the axolotl iceberg! While searching material for our list, we came across some really interesting facts about salamanders. Originating from the ancient Xochimilco lake system near Mexico City, these strange underwater creatures have a trick that will surprise you: they can regenerate lost body parts. Right. Losing a limb? Nothing. Axolotl will act as the Wolverine of the animal world and will only grow back.

Keeping an iguana as a pet sounds like the craziest idea. Still, there are some people who are crazy — and hopefully knowledgeable enough — to adopt one and share their photos with the world! So this is for you. Be aware of the side effects, though: the variety of colors of the ax salamander you’ll find here is likely to make you have an urgent desire to adopt an iguana, yearning for the wild. Level to get more salamander photos and suddenly become indifferent to all the other adorable animals.


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