An elephant with a deep and unbreakable bond with its surrogate mother. (QP)


In a vast and lush forest, a baby elephant was born to a proud mother. Dubbed as Dumbo, this adorable elephant was the liveliest and cutest of all in the herd. However, one day, while strolling out with his family, Dumbo got separated from his mother and lost his way back to the group. As darkness started approaching, Dumbo began to feel scared and alone. He let out loud trumpets and howls, hoping his mother would hear him and come to his rescue. Regrettably, she was nowhere to be seen. As the night wore on, Dumbo became more anxious and hungry. He wandered aimlessly, searching for food and water, but none could be found.


The following day, a bunch of elephants from another pack encountered Dumbo. They were under the guidance of a newly turned mother who had lost her newborn recently. She was touched by Dumbo’s situation and chose to take him as her own. Yet, when she attempted to lead him to her group, Dumbo declined to tag along. He still longed to reunite with his biological mother.

As time passed, Dumbo’s adoptive mother became increasingly exasperated with his persistence. Despite her efforts to entice him with food and affection, he remained determined in his search for his biological family and would often wander off, leading to more trouble for both himself and his new herd. Keeping tabs on him became a constant challenge for his adoptive mother.


As Dumbo was taking a leisurely walk, he suddenly heard a trumpet sound that he recognized from far away. It was the sound of his mother’s trumpet! Without a second thought, Dumbo began to run towards it, disregarding the calls of his new caregiver. Finally, after reaching his former herd, he was welcomed with open arms and an abundance of affection. His mother was ecstatic to see him again and hugged him tightly.

After some introspection, Dumbo came to the realization that his stubbornness towards his new mother’s affection was unwarranted. He acknowledged his mistake and expressed gratitude for her compassion towards him. Nevertheless, he understood that his place was with his biological family and felt immense joy as they reunited.

Ever since the incident, Dumbo and his mother became inseparable. They wandered around the woods, relishing each other’s presence and the breathtaking scenery surrounding them. Every time Dumbo reminisced about his loving mother, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of longing and fondness. He realized that his mother had given her all to provide him with a safe home, and he would forever cherish that act of kindness.

As Dumbo matured, he gained physical and mental strength that made him more self-sufficient. He developed the skills needed to maneuver through the forest and secure his own sustenance. While he made new acquaintances among the elephants in his herd, his bond with his mother remained unique. During a family stroll, Dumbo came across a cluster of disoriented young elephants. They were crying and frightened, evoking memories of his own abandonment. Moved by empathy, Dumbo resolved to assist them in any way possible.


Dumbo took charge and guided the lost baby elephants back to their herd, comforting them along the way. His bravery and kindness impressed the other elephants who welcomed him as a hero. While Dumbo felt proud of himself, he was also grateful for the love and support of his own family. He knew that finding them again was a stroke of luck and made a promise to never leave their side. From then on, Dumbo lived happily with his loved ones and friends. The lessons he learned about love, kindness, and family stayed with him and he shared them with everyone he met. And that’s the end of his heartwarming story.


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