Although suffering from a rare disease, the little girl is always in the unconditional loving arms of her parents.

Brielle Burr was born in the USA. Now she is 4 years old and she is a unique person!

At birth, doctors diagnosed her with a terrible diagnosis – Bear Johnson syndrome. This disease is very rare and deadly. With it, there is a violation of skin pigmentation and abnormal development of the skull.

Doctors did not leave the child a chance and argued that the girl’s life would be short. Brielle’s mom and dad are happy that God gives them the opportunity to stay longer with their daughter and call it a real miracle.

One of the symptoms of the disease is respiratory failure. The baby does not have enough oxygen, and, accordingly, the whole body suffers and lags behind in development. Brielle is a regular visitor to hospitals.


With the help of special medical devices, her body is saturated with oxygen. The child was silent until the age of 4, but not so long ago she managed to say the cherished “mother”. Mom believes Brielle understands everything.

Parents admitted that it is very difficult to care for the girl. However, the optimism of Candice, the mother of the baby, can only be envied. She sincerely believes that Brielle will continue to fight for her life, because even from the first minutes after birth it became clear that she is a very strong child.

She owes her optimism to her daughter, Candace says. With every passing day, she teaches to fight. Mom admitted that earlier in the family they did not prepare for any holiday. But now in their hearts there is hope and faith in the best.

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