A total of 65 dogs in distress were rescued from a bad land in central Georgia, where they lived in poor and unsanitary conditions.

At the request of Hancock Animal Friends, the ASPCA was recently on the ground in Central Georgia to remove 65 dogs living on the property of an overwhelmed pet owner in Hancock County. The Atlanta Humane Society assisted with the rescue by providing responders and veterinary expertise during the removal, and Hancock Animal Friends also aided with the rescue operation and is providing care for several dogs and puppies removed from the property earlier this month.

The animals, including several puppies, were found in unsanitary conditions throughout the property and in the home, and some suffered from medical issues that require immediate veterinary treatment including mange, overgrown nails, conjunctivitis and parasites. One dog had a broken limb. When the pet owner realized she could not provide proper care for the animals, she agreed to voluntarily surrender them to us.

“The ASPCA is pleased to be in a position where we have the expertise and resources to help pet owners in need and improve the lives of animals in communities across the country. We commend Hancock Animal Friends for recognizing the need for additional assistance to provide appropriate care for these dogs and thank the Atlanta Humane Society for their support,” said Kyle Held, director of Investigations for the ASPCA.“Some of these dogs will require medical treatment and behavioral rehabilitation, and we look forward to providing them with much-needed care and helping prepare them for the next chapter in their lives.”

More than 25 of the dogs removed from the property were relocated to the Atlanta Humane Society where they will receive care, including medical and behavioral, before being made available for adoption. We are transporting the remaining dogs to an emergency shelter where they will also receive the medical and behavioral treatment they need, as well as enrichment to prepare them for adoption.

“The Atlanta Humane Society is here to improve animal welfare across our state and be there for animals when they need us the most,” said Tracy Reis, Director of Atlanta Humane Society’s Animal Protection Unit. “We’re honored to be able to provide support for these dogs and to give them access to the expertise of our Shelter Medicine and Behavior Teams so they can heal and find new homes here in Atlanta.”

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