A dog’s unwavering loyalty: The tearful emotion of a four-legged friend lying by the grave of a newborn baby for 3 years straight

The heartwarming tale of Muc, a faithful dog who guarded a grave in Long An province for nearly three years, has captured the attention of many. Muc became famous as an example of how animals can feel emotions and love. According to PV Legal News, Muc belonged to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ut’s family, who lived in a remote area located several kilometers away from the main road. During our visit to Mrs. Ut’s house in mid-November, Muc came out to greet us, looking happy and familiar. However, Mrs. Ut explained that the dog used to be fierce and would not let strangers enter the house. The story of Muc guarding the grave of a two-year-old baby boy is a testament to the loyalty and love that dogs can show.

According to her, the dog with the name Muc has been lying on her grandson’s grave for almost three years now. She mentioned that during hot weather, the dog would go inside to avoid the sun but during cooler days, it would lie on Kiet’s grave. Sadly, Kiet was her grandson who passed away due to drowning when he was still less than three years old. Since then, Muc has not gone home and remained lying on the grave. She showed us the white marble tomb located in the field behind her house; the dog’s head is always facing the head of the grave, leaving a permanent mark on the stone. Despite the sunny weather, Muc remains lying down and has even burned its skin and lost its hair due to sun exposure. She loves the dog so much that she made a temporary roof out of coconut boats to shield it from the sun. Surprisingly, when the roof was finished, Muc went back to lying on the grave and never enters the house anymore.

Once Mrs. Ut had finished talking, the Squid darted out of the house and made a beeline for the grave. Spotting Mrs. Ut, the dog wagged its tail to show its owner its appreciation and then leaped onto the grave. It lowered its head and rested its chin on its front paws as it gazed off into the distance. Mrs. Ut tenderly stroked the animal and said, “Good Squid!” She went on to explain that every day the dog would lie on the grave until dinner time before coming inside to eat. After dinner, it would head back to the grave to lie down again. This routine had been going on for nearly three years now, except on days when it was raining heavily or windy with no shelter nearby. “As an animal, it’s incredibly affectionate,” Ms. Ut remarked. Before he passed away, Kiet and Muc were the closest of friends who were inseparable. Ket’s father, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ro, corroborated this information, stating that when Ket was two years old, his father asked to adopt Squid. At the time, the dog was small, skinny, and malnourished. Despite this, Kiet immediately took to the dog and spent all day petting and playing with it. He would take Squid with him wherever he went.

Mr. Re recounted how the family brought baby Kiet to his burial place, and the Squid followed closely. The loyal dog lay in a corner of the field, its eyes fixed on the grave. After three days of building the grave, the Squid left the house and made its way to the baby’s resting place. The dog would lie there from morning to night, without barking or howling. Although it appeared sad, the family did not notice the Squid’s attachment to Kiet at first. However, as they saw the dog lying on the grave repeatedly, not playing with other dogs, they realized the depth of its love for their grandchild. Despite passing away, Kiet’s memory lives on through the Squid’s unwavering loyalty. The family now regards the dog as a member of their household and plans to bury it near Kiet’s resting place if it ever passes on.

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