A 6-month-old baby has wonderful nannies that if you don’t look closely, you’ll mistake it for a teddy bear

This boy is lucky because he has the softest and most furry friends.

Theo is still only six months old, but he is already happily photographed with his pets. These are dogs of the Goldendoodle breed, which are a cross between two dogs: a golden retriever and a poodle.

You can see the most interesting shots today with us.

Jessica, Theo’s mother, has an Instagram account. It is dedicated to her son. Here the woman shows his interesting photos.

More than 700 thousand subscribers are watching this baby. What attracts people to such a page?

The secret is that in all the photographs Theo is surrounded by the most wonderful dogs. They do, however, look like they are plush bears. But with the child they are on friendly terms. And they can’t even imagine their life without it.

Jessica wrote that how interesting the development of the relationship between Theo and dogs is. A month ago, the boy just started stroking and scratching them. And it became much clearer to understand their presence next to him. Users even joked that Theo himself will soon begin to think that he is also a dog!

And Theo’s mom went on to report that her goal was to sow joy around, so that people laughed and smiled. But she could not imagine that it would be worth adding a child to this company, as it would attract much more attention. And in fact, friendship between a child and a dog is wonderful!


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