10 photos that will convince you that cats are allowed everything.(QP)

Cats are ancient animals. While in the past they were primarily kept for practical purposes like catching mice, nowadays having these furry companions at home is purely for pleasure. It’s so delightful to cuddle them.

However, it’s true that due to the overwhelming love from their owners, cats often take liberties more than they should. See for yourself.

The self-proclaimed queen of this household is ready to listen to you. Alright then, human, are you bringing me my milk in bed?

No, no, this isn’t a mess, it’s a party!

So, how do you take your selfies?

Oh, this love…

Meditating by the window is the best way to uplift your mood in the morning.

Does he want to hatch a chick or something?

Yes, I’m very comfortable here. Hanging…hanging…well, you get it, everything’s fine.

These furballs are allowed to do whatever they please.

Including resting while others work.

Do you have a cat? Do you think it lives with you or you live with it?


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